On My Desk LezbianConnection.com Update.


Hey ladies.
Happy back to school days for all of the moms out here.
I’m sure that this past summer proved to be trying at times with the kids being home more than when they would be while in school, and the new-found freedom you may be experiencing now is a most welcome blessing.

Since the beginning of August, I’m pleased to say that:

  1.  SheBoardz.com, a discussion forum for all members is well underway.
  2. Truth In The Silk, my boards for our group members here at LezbianConnection.com is also undergoing major changes as well.
  3. The Chat area, Purrs and Rawrrs is looking good and I have added the ability for members to create their own private chatrooms to use as well.
  4. The Profile pages for members is undergoing changes but still needs a couple of things, which I hope by Oct. 12th will all be available.

Now for The Channels here at LezbianConnection.com

  1. The Lesbian Lounge has proven to be somewhat of a challenge. Trying to anticipate user input is hard, considering that the topics that I wish to discuss are of such a vast nature.
  2. The Arts & Culture Channel, I am just starting to work on that.
  3. The Food Connection Channel, well let me just say that since I have been involved in food and cooking for over 28 years, this Channel is such a delight, but will I have the space to accommodate all that which I want to share?

A vast majority of my time has been trying to implement content for the member’s profile pages. Some stuff that I add works, and then some stuff doesn’t. The joys of not writing my own code.

1 more bit of news that I would like to share.


It has finally become a new reality.

This will be my discussion portal for women that love to write.

I will begin working on that aspect for the site as well.

Ok for now ladies.

I’ll talkatcha soon.