About Me

My name is Kimerlee and this is my site LezbianConnection.com .
LezbianConnection.com is an online community for lesbians and open-minded women age 35+.
Some of the site-wide features that can be found here on LezbianConnection.com are the addition of SheBoardz.com, our general discussion portal for all of our members.
Truth In The Silk is our Group Members only discussion portal.
Our site-wide Chat, Purrs and Rawrs, is open-24-7, so no matter what the time or where you live, our Chat will be available for use, and so much more.


Your profile page tells a bit about you, and here at LezbianConnection.com we want to make it a great aspect of being one of our girls.
With general settings such as your activity feed that displays your personal activity, mentions, favourites, friends and groups, to more personalized settings for your very own wall, much like that found on other social networking sites, where you have the ability to post and allow whom you choose to view and post on your wall as well as the ability to create photo albums and upload photos, LezbianConnecion.com is striving to become THE online community connecting and promoting lesbian visibility worldwide.
LezbianConnection.com. Built by women for women.
I am always looking for help here on the site, so if you have some spare time and would like to become a part of LezbianConnection.com, shoot me a message via this contact page and we can set up a time to chat.
In the chatrooms here at LezbianConnection.com.

K for now ladies.
Have an awesome day or night, wherever you are 🙂

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