Welcome to LezbianConnection.com


Hey, hey ladies.
Welcome to LezbianConnection.com, THE, soon to be, online portal uniting lesbians worldwide.
In the process of working out the kinks, with a tentative launch date for Fall 2017, for lesbians and open-minded women age 35 and up, as a place to either make new friends or re-connect with those of the past.
A place to share moments in one’s life, to discuss topics, to extend support and advice, to laugh so hard that you actually shed tears and so much more is planned for LezbianConnection.com.

Registration will be required and due diligence will be spent trying our hardest to make this a safe and comfortable community for women.

I am looking for help here @ LezbianConnection.com.
Monetarily, I cannot do but if you have some time to spare, and would like to be apart of this community from the ground floor,
Contact me.

Thanks and have an awesome day, wherever you hail from.

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